We depend on the generosity of individual donors to keep taxi services affordable.
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About the Taxi

Our Mission 

The Island Transportation System (ITS) – the Taxi's formal name – was established 2008 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We provide affordable transportation for all visitors and residents, as well as charitable services to elderly, handicapped, infirm, and low-income residents.

We deliver over 300 packages a year, and provide take out service and delivery from island restaurants. We log 40 miles a day on our rounds. And we continue to meet our original goals of providing reliable transportation to islanders and visitors and reducing automobile use on the island – resulting in less air pollution, less congestion and fewer parking problems down front.

But we are never too busy to return a wandering dog to its home or answer a frantic call from an islander on the mainland saying, "I think I left the soup on. Would you check?"


ITS is managed by a volunteer board of Peaks Island residents.

Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month, at 6:30 PM, in the Senior Center at the Fay Garman House.

Board Members

President Valerie Kelly
Vice President Cheryl Miner
Treasurer Marjorie Phyfe
Secretary Steve Anderson
Nancy Arnold
Brad Burkholder
Norm Proulx


In 2007, following an attempt by Peaks Island to become independent from the City of Portland, the City set up an elected body, the Peaks Island Council, to advise the city of the needs of Peaks Islanders. The City allocated $40,000 to the Council to address transportation and parking issues facing islanders.

The Council wisely decided to use some of the money to set up a small semi-public transit system on the island. This was the beginning of the Island Transportation System, known as "The Taxi." As with public transit on the mainland, passengers pay a fee and the system is also partially subsidized by the city. In the case of the Taxi, islanders also play an important role in raising money for the Taxi through raffles, fundraising events and support from local organizations and foundations.

Strongly supported and used by islanders, the Taxi has grown from an experimental venture with one part time driver to an indispensable part of the island community, making 9000 trips a year. Those trips are divided between trips from the ferry to individual homes, and trips from home to the ferry, the store, the post office, churches and other island destinations.

Becoming a Driver

If you are interested in becoming a driver, please contact the Taxi at comments@peakstaxi.org to determine if there are positions available.

The next step is to obtain a Livery driver’s license from The City of Portland. There are fees for both the license and the photos required for it; if you have authorization from the Taxi, you will be reimbursed. To get a license:

  1. Ask any Taxi driver for an application, or download one here.
  2. Get two full-face 2” x 2” color photos. See the application for more information about the photos; the size and format requirements described there must be followed precisely. Many applicants get their photos taken at Rite Aid, at the top of India Street. Be sure to save your receipt for reimbursement.
  3. Give the completed application and photos to any Taxi driver.

The Taxi will contact you when your application is processed – usually about two weeks after you submit it.