The Taxi is going electric!

In 2008 the Taxi was established to provide affordable transportation for all visitors and residents, as well as charitable services to elderly, handicapped, infirm, and low-income residents.

We deliver over 300 packages a year and provide take out service and delivery from island restaurants. We can log up to 50 miles a day on our rounds and continue to meet our original goals of providing reliable transportation to islanders and visitors and reducing automobile use on the island.

About 18 months ago, the Board began conversations around replacing the current 7 passenger Ford Flex with an all-electric SUV. At that time, there were not many options available. The landscape has changed and more manufacturers are building 7 passenger electric SUVs – This spring the Board agreed to begin soliciting funds toward the purchase of a new fully electric Taxi in 2024.

To date, the Peaks Island Fund and Casco Bay Island Alliance have generously committed funding toward this project. Thank you to these organizations for their very public support!


This is exciting! How do I donate?

There are a lot of ways to get involved. You can:

If you need a receipt for tax purposes, please let us know.

How much have you raised so far?

The total budget for purchase, tax, livery license and vehicle decaling is $90,000. So far, we have committed funding for over $57,000. This leaves us a goal of $33,000 (as of Dec 1)

Why do you need to raise so much? Aren't there cheaper EVs?

We have a few requirements that significantly limit what we are looking for. The vehicle needs to have room for 7 passengers. While we often do not transport 7 at a time, the space the larger SUV-style vehicles offer is necessary to move suitcases, people and pets. We also need all-wheel or four-wheel drive and high road clearance. Those of us that winter over on Peaks can appreciate the need to get someone home in blinding snow and ice. Front wheel drive just doesn't cut it.

What will you do with any money raised above what you need for the purchase?

If we have extra money from the campaign left over, we will put it in a vehicle replacement fund for the next time we need to replace the Taxi. Any money that we get from selling the current Taxi will also go into the new vehicle replacement fund.

How will you charge it?

We are working closely with the City of Portland to install a charging station down front as part of their multi-year commitment to EV usage for fleet vehicles. As we get more clarity from the City, updates will be posted.

What vehicles are you considering?

There are 4 vehicles that are in production or soon should be that merit consideration. They are the VW ID Buzz, Rivian RS-1, Vinfast VF9, Volvo EX90. The final choice will be made early in 2024 with delivery in mid-2024.